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When people run in circles

It's a very mad world.

Donnie Darko
[Fake. This is for role playing purposes only.]

Donnie Darko

I don't think life is as deep and meaningful as most people make it out to be.
I mean, there's only a few really, honestly important things.

Sex. Food. Money.

If you can think of something else, please don't enlighten me because I really don't quite care. It's probably illogical anyways. I mean, sure there's things that are important to an individual- but it's more than likely not important as a whole. Your ipod is not important to the function of our goddamn world.

I read a lot. Because unlike most kids these days, I'm literate. It's not that hard to understand my own language. You have to be a fucking retard not to be able to get through a chapter book. The only excuse out there is dyslexia, you morons.

What do I enjoy, you wonder? Well you probably don't. Unless you're reading, so I'll carry on. I'm a complete movie junkie. I enjoy watching other people fuck up their lives on screen. Or laughing about something stupid, or blowing some guy's head off, some chick being raped on a car. You know, all of that stuff. I like to read a lot too. I just said that though. I'm slightly hooked on video games, and I drink orange juice before I go to sleep so I can have weird dreams. I got kicked out of my last school because I have this thing where I just have to do some things. And not all those things are...legal per-say.

I really don't dig girls, you get me? I mean it's not like I didn't try. Everyone should try everything, it's only fair. They're okay to look at and all, but when I had sex it was really pretty bad. I don't think it was her. It was the whole female anatomy. I started jerkin' to other guys after that experience. Whatever. They're a much better lay anyways. I smoke cigars, cigarettes, joints and drink on occasion. I really shouldn't. It probably doesn't help get rid of Frank much. Frank's this friend of mine, you know? The type that you know is a bad influence, though you just don't do anything about it because he's done a lot of shit for you so you owe it to him to do just about everything he tells you to do. But that's okay. He's kinda a weird safety-blanket.

I'm going with Riley C. Adams. That means I get to put my dick near him and you do not.

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